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How We Work


We consult with you to determine what type of program is best suited for your company. Our training programs are carefully planned to meet the individual needs of each participant.


For our English program, we conduct Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPI) free of charge. Each OPI takes up to 15 minutes and allows us to assess a person's level of spoken English. (If required, we also provide a written test.) The OPI also includes a needs assessment which enables us to create an individual proposal for you.

Placement testing is not necessary for business communication workshops. Different levels can be mixed provided that participants have reached a basic level of fluency. However, preliminary interviews with each participant prior to the workshop allow us to customize the program to your needs.


English courses are based on a core language curriculum. The context in which the language points are taught is adjusted to your individual needs. We create homogeneous groups of language ability on the basis of the Common European Framework (CEF).

Workshops and business communication courses are designed to meet your specific training objectives. We determine which skills are required for you to reach your goals and create a tailor-made program incorporating the methods and techniques you need.

We discuss our proposal with you and make adjustments as required.


Our English courses are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers. The teaching is communicative and task-based.

Our workshops are led by professional business communication trainers who have also trained native speakers in business skills.

We use a highly interactive style which ensures theinvolvement of all participants. Your learning development will be assessed at regular intervals.


Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive a certificate. You receive detailed feedback on the progress that has been made by each participant. Participants also evaluate the training. We determine with you, if follow-up activities are needed.

Our final evaluation includes suggestions for further self-study. After a period of 3 - 6 months, we check whether you have made lasting progress.

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