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Do you charge transportation costs if the trainer comes to our company?

We only charge a nominal fee if the trainer is based in your locale. If the trainer has to travel to your company, we will charge you a fixed rate per kilometer of travel. Please contact us to determine whether one of our trainers is based in your area.

Why do you provide teaching hours of 40 minutes?

We originally worked with teaching hours of 45 minutes. However, many of our clients required sessions of exactly two regular hours. So we decided to work with this requirement and structured our modular system accordingly. We also dropped our prices correspondingly. We are not the only provider to work with teaching hours of 40 minutes.

Do you use specific teaching materials or can we choose? Are the materials charged extra?

We use the best teaching materials available on the market. If our clients have specific preferences, we will take account of them. We usually recommend either a textbook supplemented by a workbook or a vocabulary builder and a grammar reference book. Both sets of materials are supplemented by games, activities and handouts provided by the teacher.

Are your teachers TEFL-certified native speakers?

All of our teachers have successfully completed a TEFL-certificate or equivalent. We predominantly work with native speakers of English but some of our teachers (approx. 20%) are not native speakers. These teachers, however, are entirely proficient in the English language and can competently teach learners of English. If you prefer a native speaker, we will provide you with a native speaker.

Do we get certificates upon completion of the course?

Yes, you will be provided with a certificate by English at Work upon successful completion of the course. Since our modular system is compatible with the Common European Framework and industry-wide TEFL standards, we believe that this will provide you with an authoritative description of your skills.

Can we book less than 50 teaching hours?

Our modular system is based on six distinct levels of proficiency: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. To advance from one distinct level of proficiency to another usually requires 100 teaching hours. We have divided each module of 100 teaching hours into two parts of 50 teaching hours.

Usually 50 teaching hours over a period of at least three months is required to achieve a transition from short to long-term memory.

In exceptional cases, we may design a program of less than 50 teaching hours. Please contact us for further information!

Do you only conduct courses for companies?

Yes! We specialize in English programs for companies. Another unit of English at Work - English.Biz - specializes in courses for the general public. While the administration of these programs is different, the teachers and trainers are the same.

For more information about English.Biz, please visit: www.english.biz.

We do not want to learn grammar. We only want to practice our conversation skills. What type of course is most suitable for us?

If you have already attained a high level of proficiency in the English language and know the structures well enough, the Executive Business Communication Program may be most suitable for you.

Can we mix different levels of proficiency in a group?

Unfortunately not. Just as you could not mix nuclear physicists with laypersons in a further education program, it does not make sense to mix different levels of proficiency in a language program. The lower the level of proficiency, the more difficult it is to mix different levels of proficiency.

However, we can mix learners that have attained the intermediate level of proficiency with anyone up to and including native speakers in an Executive Business Communication Program because we focus on techniques for improving your business communication.

Can we include more than eight people in a group?

We prefer to work with small groups so that each participant has the chance to speak, is involved in activities and gets meaningful feedback from the teacher. In exceptional cases, we may agree to a larger group.

Do you teach English for Optical Engineers?

Yes we do! The focus in an English course is on the English language. We focus on your specific needs - you can help us by providing us with authentic materials related to your job and your industry! Usually more than 90% of all vocabulary required by learners is not work-specific and everyone needs the same structures.

However, the context differs and so do the functions required of every employee. Therefore, we will try to provide you with a teacher with an understanding of your industry. Our teachers come from different backgrounds and are experienced in a wide range of industries.

Do you provide training in other foreign languages?

Yes! LanguagesatWork.Com is a unit of English at Work specializing in foreign languages. We do not provide all languages in every location. For further information, please contact LanguagesatWork.Com!

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