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Why Work With Us

More and more professional people are relying on English at Work for their training needs. Here are eight good reasons why you should work with us:

1. Expertise. We have worked with top-level executives from different industries and have helped many successful companies reach their business goals. We specialize in communication, and we have consistently helped our clients attain their business goals.

2. Learning made easy. Learning is much more than simply inputting knowledge. We focus on improving your communication skills by using vivid real-life examples and a hands-on approach. We avoid the use of jargon and believe in simplicity without simplification.

3. Relevant activities. You are able to apply everything you have learned right away. We work with small groups so that we can focus on your needs. You take part in meaningful simulations, role-plays, exercises and activities designed to facilitate your development.

4. Your learning progress is tracked. We assess your needs and monitor your development while providing you with regular feedback. All of our activities build on the progress you have made. We will follow-up your progress to make sure you reach your learning objectives and achieve lasting change.

5. The right materials. We have created an individual training script for each program supplemented by the best materials available on the market. We use the most up-to-date resources available and regularly review the market for new publications. We will refer you to more specialized materials whenever required.

6. Commitment. Training is our vocation and your development is our primary concern. We are also dedicated to professional development by constantly evaluating ourselves and incorporating new approaches, techniques and activities. We are passionate about teaching and believe in teacher training.

7. Our professional network. We have established a unique way of working that distinguishes us from our competitors. Although our partners work for themselves they are part of a larger network. We work together and share best practices to provide you with the best possible service in the industry.

8. The complete experience. We believe that learning should be fun. We incorporate different learning styles and make you feel comfortable in every possible way. We will provide you with the highest level of professional support before, during and after the program.

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