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Effective Negotiations


Are you getting the results you want in your international business negotiations? This workshop will give you an understanding of (cross-cultural) negotiation styles, tactics and techniques. You will be applying your skills in different negotiations with other participants. You will learn how to successfully navigate the most difficult negotiations.

Participant Profile

Managers and professionals who want to understand the process of negotiations and who wish to improve their business success by negotiating more effectively.


> Understand the core elements and dynamics of the negotiation process
> Recognize negotiation styles and learn how to "read" the other party
> Establish rapport and mutually acceptable deals
> Master the skills for business negotiations
> Conduct "hard" and "soft" negotiations
> Learn how to stage a negotiation
> Use different negotiation tools


> The basics of a negotiation:
What it is all about. How to build rapport.

> How to stage key processes:
Identifying the needs of the other party. Planning, debating, proposing and bargaining.

> Adapting to different negotiation styles:
How to identify and handle different negotiators. How to improve your skills through self-diagnosis.

> The cultural impact on negotiations:
How to avoid pitfalls and fruitfully conduct negotiations across different business cultures.

> How to succeed in hardline negotiations:
Dealing with tactics and the role of ploys.

> Valuing and pricing:
How to use "power" words that make a sale. How to use price-beating techniques successfully.

> A problem-solving approach:
How to obtain positive outcomes by separating people from the problem and focusing on common interests.


By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

> Recognize and use effective negotiation techniques
> Establish rapport with different types of individuals
> Adapt your negotiation style to the other party
> Resolve conflicts and deadlock in negotiations
> Conduct persuasive business negotiations
> Develop multi-dimensional strategies
> Obtain the best possible price
> Negotiate successfully

Method and Design

> 24 hours over a three-day period
> Enrollment is limited to eight persons
> Highly interactive style: Case studies, key exercises and role-plays ensure your involvement


Please contact us for a quotation.

Business Communication Course Option

We also offer this workshop as part of a five-day Business Communication course with Effective Negotiations and Effective Meetings.

Additional Face-to-Face Training

Additional training can be booked before or after the workshop or the Business Communication course.

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