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Effective Telephoning


Are you spending time on the phone without getting the results you need? The telephone is a cold medium that you can easily master by making good use of your voice and by using a script. In this workshop you will practice the skills you need using professional equipment. This will enable you to handle all your calls successfully.

Participant Profile

Anyone who regularly uses the telephone, particularly call center personnel and customer service staff.


> Acquire relevant skills to improve business communication on the phone
> Develop a professional approach to telephone courtesy
> Learn to effectively manage information flow
> Become more self-confident on the phone


> Before a call:
How to plan. How to design a script.

> Starting a call:
How to answer. How to address the caller. How to leave a message. How to call back.

> The core of a call:
How to ask questions. How to 'get' the message. How to deliver bad news. How to handle complaints. How to deal with problem customers. How to understand caller needs. How to increase customer satisfaction. What to watch for and avoid.

> Ending a call:
How to summarize. How to confirm agreements. How to add value.

> After a call:
How to make notes. How to evaluate the results.


By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

> Implement different kinds of problem-solving techniques
> Use the telephone more effectively in business communication
> Ensure clear communication and understanding
> Create and maintain a positive company image
> Deal quickly and efficiently with information
> Deliver better customer service
> Handle difficult situations

Method and Design

> Up to eight hours of individual training on the telephone
> Highly interactive style. Case studies, key exercises and role-plays ensure your involvement


Please contact us for a quotation.

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