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Level 100 - Elementary English

Corresponds to Reference Level A2 in the Common European Framework.

Introduction and Participant Profile

> Suitable for anyone who has successfully completed a Beginner course or an oral proficiency interview and a written test with English at Work.
> You will improve your ability to actively communicate as well as learn new vocabulary and grammar. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from English at Work.

Course Highlights

> Make travel, transportation, accommodation, dining and other arrangements
> Give instructions, make suggestions, accept / refuse requests
> Respond to questions about yourself, your company, your job
> Formulate and answer complaints about a product / service
> Answer telephone calls, take messages, ask for clarification
> Give your opinion on different topics of discussion
> Use social expressions in various situations
> Sustain simple conversation
> Talk about routine tasks
> Socialize in English


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

> Use linking devices, adverbs of degree, relative pronouns and the present verb tenses
> Create questions and answers on issues of everyday interest
> Maintain slow-speed conversation with a speaker of English
> Give information about work and personal interests
> Present themselves to a group of strangers
> Effectively use more than 2.000 words

Methods and Design

> Highly interactive style. Exercises, games and role-plays ensure your involvement. Some sessions may be videotaped and discussed.
> The teacher is a qualified professional with extensive experience.
> Includes 100 teaching hours over a three-to-nine month period.
> The teacher is a qualified professional with extensive experience.

Enrollment is limited to eight persons.

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