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Level 200 - Pre-Intermediate English for Business

Corresponds to Reference Level B1 in the Common European Framework.

Introduction and Participant Profile

> Suitable for anyone who has successfully completed an Elementary course or an oral proficiency interview and a written test with English at Work.
> You will improve your ability to communicate successfully in different social situations. You will also learn new vocabulary and grammar while moving towards fluency. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from English at Work.

Course Highlights

> Maintain conversation with different people in formal / informal situations
> Respond to questions about your work, hobbies and interests
> Establish and sustain social contact with strangers
> Follow meetings and make yourself understood
> Narrate and describe real-world, factual topics
> Express your thoughts about abstract issues
> Make, postpone, or change arrangements
> Formulate or respond to complaints
> Successfully troubleshoot problems
> Explain job-related processes
> Describe physical properties


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

> Use comparatives and superlatives, the future tenses "will" and "going to," first and second conditionals, present and past tenses in active / passive forms
> Describe events accurately in past, present, and future tenses
> Effectively use more than 3.000 words

Methods and Design

> Highly interactive style. Exercises, games and role-plays ensure your involvement. Some sessions may be videotaped and discussed.
> Includes 100 teaching hours over a three-to-nine month period.
> The teacher is a qualified professional with extensive experience.

Enrollment is limited to eight persons.

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