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Blended Learning

Why Blended Learning?

Traditional training takes place in the classroom. While this training is effective it isn't always flexible in terms of scheduling. There also are costs involved. This is why people are turning to E-learning which allows participants an easy and flexible access at a very low cost. The disadvantage is that limited peer / trainer interaction may lead to diminished commitment to the program. Blended learning seeks to combine the advantages of both types of learning, hence "blending" the two.

How it works

At the beginning of the program, we introduce training objectives, procedures and assignments. Participants then continue working with the E-Learning program on their own and complete specific modules before the date of the next class. The trainer provides coaching and answers questions by email or telephone.

In addition to individual training, we offer group courses which include conference calls attended by all participants. Participants may take part in a day of training during which they will discuss and practice the learning objectives of the completed modules through role plays, group activities etc. The training cycle continues with additional online assignments, telephone and email coaching and, if needed, face-to-face training.

All you need to participate in a blended learning program is a standard computer and a phone line.

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