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What are the responsibilities involved?

Partner Program

> What is the Partner Program about?
> What are the benefits of joining the program?
> What are the responsibilities involved?
> How can I become a Partner?
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1. You are self-employed, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your business conforms to local legal requirements.

2. You need to have regular internet access and a phone connection where you clients can reach you or leave a message.

3. You will find your own clients using different media, mailings or face-to-face contact. We will train you in their effective use.

4. You may make use of other qualified trainers, but you will own the client relationship.

5. You and your trainers need to consistently maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and demonstrable success. We will measure this through customer feedback. You are responsible for your own professional development.

6. You will need to write your own invoices, collect payments and pay your trainers. You have to prepare your accounts and pay your taxes. We advise you make use of a local tax consultant.

7. You are obliged to pay 5% of your turnover to English.Biz. You need to maintain a minimum turnover which we will determine with you.

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