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How can I become a Partner?

Partner Program

> What is the Partner Program about?
> What are the benefits of joining the program?
> What are the responsibilities involved?
> How can I become a Partner?
> Anymore questions?
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1. To become a Partner of English.Biz, you need to have a TEFL or equivalent qualification and relevant work experience. You need a regular telephone and internet connection. You will work on a self-employed basis. It is up to you whether you want to invest money, but you will need to invest time in making business contacts. If you fulfill these requirements and are interested in our program, then please apply online.

2. Once we have received your application, we will review your application and decide whether to conduct a telephone interview with you. The two-part interview is conducted by the founders of English.Biz. You will be asked questions related to your skills, experience and ability in conducting training and running your own business. If you complete the interview successfully, you will be invited to attend a training program in which you will learn how to run your own business.

3. In a six-day "How to Run Your English Business" Seminar, the founders of English.Biz will personally train you. You will learn the pedagogical, business and sales / marketing practices that you will need to be successful in your business endeavor. This program costs 720 Euro for non-members of English.Biz and is provided free of charge to members. The training is conducted in Dresden (Germany) in May, August and December. Participants will have to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

4. During the training we will continuously assess your ability to run a professional English business on your own. After the training we will determine whether you are suitable to run your own business. If you can, you will then be invited to join the program as an Associate of English.Biz. We will review your business development plan with you and create a Personal Development Program for you. If required, we can provide you with further coaching.

5. As an Associate, you are entitled to use all the resources of English.Biz and you will begin operating under your name and the English.Biz name. You will be part of the English.Biz network, and you can participate in regular online meetings and attend our yearly conference. Associates are entitled to the trade discounts of English.Biz with our suppliers and can vote at our meetings. Associates contribute 7% of their income to English.Biz

6. English.Biz Associates maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and continue working on their Personal Development Program. After at least one year of consistent performance as an Associate, you may become an Associate Partner. This entitles you to train English.Biz Associates. Associate Partners contribute 6% of their income to English.Biz.

7. After working successfully for at least one more year as an Associate Partner, you may become a Partner. Partners contribute 5% of their income to English.Biz. Partners may train Associate Partners. Partners are expected to contribute best practices, skills and expertise to the English.Biz network. Partners organize the annual meeting and regular net-based meetings for the community.

8. Partners have an open-ended contract with English.Biz. The number of Associates, Associate Partners and Partners operating within a given territory is limited. You may, however, conduct training for your clients outside of the territory in which you are operating. You are expected to coordinate your business activities with the other Partners in your area.

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