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Partner Program

> What is the Partner Program about?
> What are the benefits of joining the program?
> What are the responsibilities involved?
> How can I become a Partner?
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What are the benefits of being a member of English.Biz?

We will train you to successfully run your own business at the top end of the English market. You will receive pedagogical resources such as placement tests, oral proficiency interview training, course programs and evaluation forms. We will provide you with certificates for your course participants. We will give you digital samples of our logo for you to print your own business cards. You will be trained in sales / marketing to enable you to acquire and manage your own clients. You will be able to use our brochures in PDF format; you can also order additional printed brochures at actual cost. If required, we will translate the brochure into the language of your market. You will be entitled to fully operate under the English.Biz brand - the most accessible Business English provider on the net and you will have online access to all of our resources.

How will I determine my fees?

We are at the top end of the market. We have set minimum local prices for each service in every country (and some regions in countries as well) to which all partners are expected to adhere. You may increase your prices beyond this amount to reflect your experience and expertise. The maximum is determined by what your clients are willing to pay for your services.

Will English.Biz help me set up a business in my area?

We will prepare you for setting up your business as a self-employed trainer. It is your responsibility to ensure that your business conforms to local business requirements and to determine what type of business license and/ or company is best for you. We can advise you based on our international experience but we cannot act as your local accountant, financial adviser or business consultant.

Can I arrange work permits and the proper payment of taxes to the local authorities through English.Biz?

We cannot do this for you. You will be assuming all the responsibilities of a business owner.

If my business is successful and I want to hire freelance trainers who will work under my supervision, how will I arrange the payment of my trainer's taxes, healthcare, visas, etc.?

Partners are be required to clarify these points with the government agencies. As a rule, we suggest that you employ an accountant to handle your paperwork and/or a tax consultant who is well versed in the local tax laws. Government agencies in your region will also be able to answer these questions, and we urge you to contact them or a local chamber of commerce in your region for further assistance.

If I operate my Partnership in a large market such as Tokyo, how will the integrity of English.Biz be managed and maintained among partners?

Our basic rule is no more than one Partner / Associate Partner / Associate operate in a region of 200,000 inhabitants. A city the size of Tokyo will easily sustain multiple Partners. Local partners are expected to attend regular meetings to discuss relevant issues (for example, which Partner has had contact with specific clients and organizations to avoid an overlap) that directly affect the success of a group of Partners working in the same territory.

At exactly what time is my 5% turnover payable to English.Biz-at the beginning of my Associate Partnership, at the end of the fiscal year, on a monthly basis?

The first 1.000 Euro is payable to English.Biz at the beginning of the Partnership. Any additional 5% turnover is payable on a quarterly basis.

I want to become a Partner but I don't speak the language in my chosen locality of operation? How do I sell myself?

You have the option of hiring someone locally, e.g. an assistant or sales representative for the required business communication. Or you could cooperate with a Co-Partner who handles this on your behalf. It is entirely up to you how you organize the daily functions of your business. We strongly advise, however, that you select a region where you feel comfortable doing business or that you have a realistic solution, pending language barriers, for procuring work in your area.

Is the English.Biz Partnership Program similar to franchising?

Yes it is. The key difference is that other franchised language providers are looking for people with a lot of money to start a business. We are looking for qualified teachers with entrepreneurial skills and enough money to get their business started from home. Our flat licensing fee is much more attractive than a start-up fee in the six-digit range.

Since you do not have to pay a start-up fee, you are not entitled to receive territorial protection even though we will set limits to the number of partners operating in your area. Otherwise, the Partnership Program is similar to franchising. You will own your English business. We will provide you with a brand, valuable resources and training that allows you to distinguish yourself in a crowded market.

Who conducts the partner training?

The partner training is conducted by the Co-Founders of English.Biz - Chris Malherbe, Vessela Vangelova and Peter Jaensch.

How does the training for the Partner Program take place?

The training is conducted face-to-face in Dresden. We offer further coaching on the telephone upon completion of the training program.

Can you help me make inexpensive flight and accommodation arrangements?

You should contact your local travel agent to make flight arrangements. You can fly directly to Dresden international airport or travel via Berlin or Prague, as both cities are located close to Dresden.

Fortunately, Dresden is a relatively inexpensive town and your accommodation will not "break the bank." There are many opportunities available across a wide price range. We break it down as follows:

> Budget:
25 - 30 Euro / Night

> Midrange:
30 - 50 Euro / Night

> Upper:
80 and above Euro / Night

The best website available on the Internet is www.hrs.de. The simplest approach is this:

> Go to the website
> Select English for your language
> In the Destination field, type Dresden
> To the right you will see a field that says, "Include points of interest." Tick that box and narrow the search to 5 km.
> You will be asked to select a region. Choose "Dresden Blaues Wunder".

You will receive a variety of multi-priced options to choose from. All of these options will be very close to where we conduct the training, thereby limiting your travel time. If you wish to stay in another part of the city, simply visit www.hrs.de and do a broad search throughout Dresden. All the hotels found can be listed in ascending order from the most affordable to the luxurious.

Finally, if you're interested in budget accommodation, you can visit www.boofe.de or www.mondpalast.de. These are excellent hostels located in the vibrant and exciting Dresden Neustadt district.

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